We provide a range of services, both large and small. Here are just a few examples of our work, but we cater for a much wider range of projects. Just let us know what you have in mind and we will be happy to help!

Vehicle Wraps

Wraps cover complex curves and grooves of a vehicle. The vinyl is stretched and heat shrunk to ensure a perfect fit. Wraps can be achieved with flat coloured vinyl or printed vinyl. Prints are always laminated to maximise lifespan.

Fleet Signage

Maintaining uniformity in a fleet is an important aspect of any company. We can develop a design that truly represents and advertises your service. Phone numbers and websites can be included in the signage to maximise on-road advertising.

Truck Signage

Many truck drivers decide they want an individual look for the vehicle they drive on a daily basis. Companies may also want to utilise the invaluable on-road advertising space that trucks provide.


Race decals can be supplied by the customer and fit to your bike. Or we can design decals from scratch, using thicker print material and stoneguard laminate to reduce flecks damaging the graphics

Identification Decals and Mine Spec

Mine site vehicles and machinery require identification decals that adhere to guidelines. We have extensive experience in producing these decals in large and small quantities, using mine site approved diamond grade media. Mine sites insist on strict adherence to safety protocols including the application of reflective striping, fleet identification, safety decals and instructional stickers. We fit these to machinery, trucks and other vehicles on a regular basis.

One Way Vision / Clearview

This material is often installed on rear-screens of vehicles; however it can also be fitted to shop windows. Our Clearview prints are always laminated so the print will be waterproof and fade resistant.


Magnetics are a simple solution to mark vehicles that are not always in use for business. Magnetics can be placed on vehicles doors and removed easily when necessary. We can also produce magnetics for whiteboards and other applications.


Custom graphics for your own unique look.

Vehicle and Machinery Tinting

We tint machinery such as backhoes, excavators, loaders, skid steers and telehandlers on a regular basis. Tint can be fitted at the same time as logos to reduce down time. We also tint fleet and private vehicles utilising darkest legal grades to reduce effects of the sun as much as possible.



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